Sky's The Limit For Elrow

The Elrow extravaganza is marked as one of the most extravagant and genuinely refreshing brands in the world, with neon installations, dancers, over-the-top lights and thousands of inflatable toys. The venue-turned-party promoter has a strong history of monumental events and community atmosphere.


When it comes to down to the production, this is where the brand really starts to shine. Anyone can put up a couple of banners and the odd balloon, but with Elrow, it is taken to an entirely new level. Sure, there will be banners, mobiles and balloons a plenty, but you can also expect to see mermaids, a rolling pin in pursuit of a cockerel, giant mushrooms, sharks, giraffes that tower over you, very weird finger puppet shows and the famous yellow Elrow chicken, which has toured the world with them. All of the themes that Elrow has taken on over the years, have been the childishly imagination of their creative team who are constantly thinking up a bizarre new adventure to indulge in. “Every idea, as crazy and strange as it can be, has the potential of being a great idea. And with Elrow it seem's the sky is the limit!